Hold it! Catch us at Panza Gallery in Millvale


The opening of the Parlor is on hold until further notice. Our original store location was negotiating with the land lady to establish a pop-up agreement when all the excitement enticed other commercial prospects to become interested in the space which has halted our momentum. We’ll let you know our next move as soon as our path becomes clear!

In the meantime, if you are interested in discovering a location to sketch live nude models, catch up with us on Thursdays nights: Figure Drawing at Panza Gallery in Millvale, click here for details.

Photographers & Videographers

Artsy photo and film people- pick up your phone! We’re calling you to leave your calling card with us!

We’d like to keep you on file & share your contact info when people ask. We also think it will be awesome if you thought our space and gear were cool enough to shoot for your portfolio.

You never know who’s going to drop in and inquire these sorts of things (cough Holly’s cough Wood) what? What?

Plus, we like impromptu fun and collaboration that’s fun. Did we mention overtly fun projects? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about so stop by at your leisure.


Desired: Nude Models

Today_gesture007 Do you enjoy drawing?  Would you like to draw the sumptuous bodies of strangers in the name of fine art? We thought so.

We’re looking for talented individuals who know how to strike a long pose who is available for our bi-weekly Thursday night Nude Figure Drawing event.  This is a paid gig organized by fine artists who want to offer the community another venue of awesomeness.

As the Parlor is still under construction, we will begin these events post-grand opening slated for January 2013.  If you are interested in modeling, contact us at parlorpgh [@] gmail.com for more details.

If you know someone who might be interested, send them to our blog here or Facebookpage, to get in touch.  Thanks!

Potted Plant Sanctuary

As we continue to push a long, like a little stem budding from the ground, we decided to make space for unwanted plants.

How many of you know someone who is outright neglecting their plants and wishing they would wither away so they don’t have to water them anymore?

Do you know someone who is moving and is unable to take along their green buddies? Have you seen any curb side buddies, half alive, half dying, out for the trash man? Save your green friends from an untimely death!

The Parlor is the new plant sanctuary of Bloomfield. Deliver your unwantables or donate extras during open hours or at the front door. We do not discriminate against species, all are welcome!

We hope their new, relaxed environment will give them the sun, air, classical music, and water they need to be happy and healthy. Once back to health, these little air cleansing friends can return to a nurturing home.

Hello world!

We were once the mighty, awesome Boom Box!  You heard us roar as we slammed the streets with pumped up kicks and slick styles through the years.  Recently, like a little caterpillar, we decided to cocoon it and transform ourselves.  As things continue to crystallize for us, stay tuned by following our blog, Like us on Facebook, or check out our partner for this new manifestation of a seriously sweet space- Burgheoisie.